Enablon: Building Sustainable, Safer Environments

Enablon: Building Sustainable, Safer Environments

CIO VendorPhilippe Tesler, Co-founder & CEO
Operating in a heavily regulated environment, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies often face varied set of challenges across their lines of business. Right from risk management to implementing robust change management systems, in addition to meeting various government agencies’ and regulatory bodies’ compliance requirements, organizations rely on multiple solution providers to cater to each of their functional requirements. Coupled with this, the extent of environmental impacts that their products induce and the safety measures of enterprises’ work environments add to the regulatory complexity and increased risks of non-compliance. Enablon offers contemporary software platform that underpin pharmaceutical industry to replace multiple legacy systems with one fully integrated solution. “Enablon was established with the mission to make the world a better place by helping companies reduce their environmental impact, protect their employees from harm, and deliver products that are safe for all to use,” says Philippe Tesler, Co-founder and CEO, Enablon.

The firm’s Regulatory Compliance Management (RCM) solution enables companies to clearly understand the appropriate regulations, policies and obligations to be applied in different, globally distributed sites. The solution provides a complete compliance registry, which includes regulations that should be followed in the sites and facilities in the respective countries they operate in. Compliance managers can easily view this information to gain visibility over all regulatory obligations to manage changes to applicable environmental, health and safety regulations—eliminating compliance deviations and non-compliance risks. RCM also streamlines compliance efforts by updating regulatory obligations and automatically sending alerts related to permit renewal deadlines. Further, by associating a single requirement with one or more citations and conditions, the solution also reduces the total number of operational overheads in the compliance domain.

Alongside RCM, Enablon’s prime offering also includes Risk, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), and sustainability management solutions.

RCM also streamlines compliance efforts by updating regulatory obligations and automatically sending alerts related to permit renewal deadlines

Right from identifying and managing strategic and tactical risks, to strengthening internal controls/processes and audits, the firm’s integrated and modular risk management suite allows enterprises to reduce operational risks and ensure business continuity. On the other hand, EHS facilitate environmental analysis and reporting, management of air, water, waste and chemicals, regulatory compliance, worker health and safety, and incident loss prevention. Complementing the EHS is the company’s supply chain solutions that enable sustainable procurement, management and reduction of supply chain risks. Enablon’s sustainability management houses end-to-end Brand Protection solutions that help pharmaceutical businesses to stay up-to-date on all voluntary, regulatory and compliance reporting guidelines. The solution also optimizes brand reputation by aligning organizations’ strategy with stakeholder expectations.

Apart from offering software solutions at relatively lower costs, Enablon’s support team provides specific, corrective maintenance and upgrading on a 24/7 basis. The support team’s technical and industry experts guarantee risk-free implementation of solutions and lasting ROI.

Being a company that understands governance and regulatory compliance to the core, Enablon has carefully steered its way to emerge as one among the world’s leading enabler of compliant pharmaceutical business. Over the course of its history, Enablon has served more than 1,000 global companies, thousands of SMEs and over 1 million end-users, assisting them to improve profitability through minimizing risks and efficiently managing safer work environments. The firm is consistently recognized as a global leader and visionary by analysts and industry associations for their commitment toward offering the most comprehensive platform in the industry. “We believe in making a difference and creating great environments where employees can learn, grow and do their best work; this is what Enablon is all about,” concludes Tesler.