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Top 10 Pharmaceutical Compliance Solution Providers 2016

Drug quality has always been an inevitable priority for players in the pharmaceutical industry. On an average, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves 28 new drugs annually for production into the market. Apart from the promise of a drug on a medical basis, the documentation that follows through the entire clinical trial lifecycle has to comply with rigorous pharma regulatory measures and other cross-industry mandates such as USDA and FCPA.

Top Pharmaceutical Compliance Companies

Provides a complete suite of controlled substance compliance as well as supply chain productivity and efficiency solutions that span the entire value chain

Delivers supply chain intelligence and risk management solutions to seamlessly identify, analyze and manage global supply chain operations and risks

Caliber helps pharmaceutical companies to comply with stringent GMP regulations and exacting standards in an environment of extreme cost containment

Providing dynamic quality assurance and regulatory affairs services to pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, clinical operations and associated industries

Offers regulatory compliance services to the pharmaceutical industry with a comprehensive understanding of the CSA and the Code of Federal Regulations

Provides regulatory compliance and brand support solutions to pharmaceutical, medical device, and other life sciences industries

Plans, implements, and supports effective and efficient business processes that assure sustainable compliance with highly technical regulatory standards

RCA provides solutions for compliance, regulatory, quality assurance, R&D and operational challenges for life science companies

Pioneer in creating product serialization, traceability and compliance solutions for the life sciences industry

A consulting and services company offering a wide spectrum of technical, validation, compliance services and software solutions for Life Sciences